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If It Ain't Broken Don't Fix It

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Hello! I'm here to test my new blog, listening to my newest favourite find on Spotify... Roses & Revolutions - Dancing in a Daydream is a ripper of a song!

I've been reimagining my website this week whilst recovering from minor surgery. I have added a 'Studio' page for an inside glimpse of my art haven, a new Contact page plus changed up some of the design. My website is always a work in progress. I thrive on anything creative and website design is definitely one of those chores I love to do.

My very first website ( was in 2007, designed and maintained by a lady here in Adelaide (I was living in Sydney), and although I loved her website (hence why I hired her), I knew I wanted full control of my art/photography website, so I taught myself. And whilst I'm no IT guru, and certainly I have no idea about HTML etc. I am very happy with my DIY website. I'm trying to remember the first one I designed myself in 2008... nope, can't think of which platform I used. I daresay it no longer exists. In 2014, I created a new website using WIX on the free account. I then switched to Weebly in 2019, but that was short-lived, and I returned to WIX pretty quickly. If it ain't broken don't fix it!

I know this won't be my last website (this one is number 6), but it's a great workhorse, which suits me, as that's how I describe my studio, and myself! The more I learn, the better my websites will become. Kinda like my art!

Letters A R T in the author's studio with a dragonfly
A shot from my studio, The Shed. I love my letters, A R T and dragonfly gifted to me. And yes, it could be RAT or TAR, but let's just keep it as is!

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