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About the Artist

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Ainslie and Arabian mare, Kite, at the beach

"I'm living proof of the healing power that both art and horses hold. They have saved me through various stages of my life, many times. I owe a lot to creativity and animals as therapy and therapists!"

A highly creative person by nature; being an artist was inevitable for me. Yes, I enjoyed drawing as a child, as any child enjoys, but it wasn't until I was 14 that I had my epiphany: I think I was born to be an artist. I had arrived at my 'calling', and arrived I did! I threw myself into learning all I could about art- both theory and practical, and I thrived! My art provides me with happiness, sanity, therapy and peace. It connects me to myself, mother nature; feeds my soul and allows me to fly without wings.  

Over decades of drawing every day, my art is still evolving and thriving. My first love was horses, and to this day they are still my main muse, although having lived in the UK from 2018-2020, I fell hard for the British wildlife, particularly stags/deer, and they started to turn up in my work. My belief as an artist is correct anatomy, but not a slave to a photograph. I've put in the long, hard hours/years/decades of work to develop my skill level to the highest standard, but this is not for me anymore. If we stick to the same thing, we  will

never grow, challenge or learn new things. I am on a journey of abstract inspired, which feels more like me; who I am, what I love and my expressiveness as an artist and person. Still a horse artwork, yes, but certainly not a traditional one. One needs to push themselves out of their comfort zone in life; the same is true in art!


I love mixed media- why use only one medium when I can use them all, I say! I took a brave step in 2020 to give acrylic paint yet another go, a hate (no love!) relationship since my teens, and this time, we clicked. I started using wooden panels as my surface and through many hours of experimenting, exploring and engaging with my new medium, plus throwing in mixed media too (of course!), I developed an entirely new style/body of work and way of working. Whilst I describe my style as personal, unique and evolving, I aim for self-expression, originality, heart and skill in all my art. I work on multiple artworks at a time as I get bored easily, and I always need music blaring in my home studio as I work. Have I mentioned I am a music nut? And movie buff too! 

My passion for photography came about the same time as my art, and as with my art, I am self-taught. I wanted to be able to take top notch pics of my horses- like the pro photos in my horse books and magazines. It was trial and error, working with what I had at each stage of my life, starting with my first camera, a little Olympus point and shoot. In 2001, I finally bought my first SLR and telephoto lens. I was in heaven! This was analogue (film) and man, did I burn through the rolls of Fuji and Kodak! In 2008, I upgraded to DSLR and boy! now I knew I had arrived! In 2017, I again upgraded my camera body. I photograph just about every day; anything and everything that captures my eye, and I love it. Photography is an art form. And I am an artist. We're like two peas in a pod, and my photography is entwined with my art. Both I cannot live without.  

As creative people tend to be, I also have other outlets that I do... I love to write! Novels, poems, lyrics, short stories, children's stories, shopping lists, To Do lists, emails; just about anything goes. I love words! This leads me to my enjoyment of editing (AGP Editing)- copy editing and proofreading. I have done copy writing too. I have a sharp eye, and I am obsessed with correct spelling, grammar and formatting. The perfectionist in me! 

I live a life of shanti (Hindi for peace) in the hills of Adelaide; my house not too far from the beach, a river and National Parks, so I get the best of every natural world! I live with my hubby, the birds, and some ducks that wander from the nearby creek. I love birdies, Mother Nature and all animals/wildlife; going for long hikes/bush walks and walks along the river and beach; exploring and wandering (and taking a gazillion photos, of course!). Coffee, gardening, reading; home renovations, markets; Bunnings and antique/boutique homewares stores are favourites too. I also love wandering around Botanical Gardens and nurseries.

Please join me on my socials Instagram and Facebook. You can also email me. Thanks so much for stopping by.


Be happy! Live creatively!

Ainslie xx

Artist and photographer, Ainslie Gilles-Patel
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