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'Ainslie' mug gifted to me used for holding pencils, pens, etc..
ART letters with dragonfly above my main work desk

My Studio

Welcome to my home studio, affectionately known as The Shed, because, well, it's a huge shed! It's a work in progress in itself. I also have a second, smaller studio inside my home when it's too hot to work in The Shed. 


My studio is not only a space to create my art and store my art supplies/materials, it is a sacred space for relaxation, meditation; reading, thinking, listening to music, experimentation and exploration. I've had many studios over the decades from a desk in my bedroom, to a desk in the corner of the living room (with the easel in the opposite corner!), to little studios in spare bedrooms. I am truly grateful for all my beloved studios. 

My studio is open by appointment only. Please contact me to book. 

My brother (RIP) watches as I work. He was my biggest fan of my work.
Inside The Shed. I am so grtaeful for this sacred space.
Stacked wooden panels waiting to be used.
Paint brushes and other tools of the trade!
I love inspirational wall hangings!
Sunset in the studio
All the good stuff!
Paint tubes trolley
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