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Spiritual Adventures

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

It's the long weekend here in South Australia. I've cleaned the house, washed the clothes, bought the groceries for the week, and now it's me time.

I've decided this evening that it will be a MAFS (Married At First Sight) Season 10 marathon. My (not so) secretive binge. But, in order to unwind and enjoy, I needed to earn this lazy indulgence, so I tied the laces on my New Balance sneakers, grabbed my hat and water bottle and took myself for a hike (walk) in the great Aussie bush. Here, something quite remarkable happens.

When I take myself to the National Park up the road from my house, I leave the 'real world' behind me. Yes, I still have my phone, but this becomes merely a tool to take photos, and an essential survival tool that can be used to track my location should I ever get lost. I say goodbye for an hour, or two or three, and it's just me, Mother Nature and call me crazy, but I am quite sure my brother walks with me sometimes too (he passed away in 2021).

Mother Nature and I have a connection. An understanding. A mutual respect; I am merely a human treading as lightly as I can - she is a force to be reckoned with! When my hike begins, so does an energy that seems to wrap itself around me. I soak in and observe everything, 360 degrees around me. I notice the dragonfly or butterfly that has come to rest on that tree branch over there. I see the lizards and kangaroos; the deer and koalas, and hundreds of various birds. I hear all the birds too. And the trees. Yes, I can hear the trees. So many trees! I smell the eucalyptus. I touch the bark of trees as I walk by them, sorta like a hand shake of respect.

If I stand still and close my eyes, I swear I can feel the earth's rotation underfoot.

I believe my hikes are spiritual adventures, or perhaps even rituals. I'm not religious, but I am deeply spiritual - I've had psychic ability since a child. I am sure this opens me to something much more powerful, meaningful and unique as I wander through the National Park. I cannot tell you how many absolutely incredible encounters I've had with wildlife when on my hikes. I am forever grateful for this connection and love. It is healing and therapeutic. It is a place that allows me to think and feel and respond. It is inspiring too. I am someone who relishes being in their own company. Quiet time. No people around. The bush offers me serenity and wholeness. I have various fallen tree trunks on different trails that I sit on and meditate. I call these my 'thinking logs'. I also get to feast on the beautiful vistas each time I tread lightly to wander into my beloved Australian bush.

And so, here I am: the MAFS marathon has begun, and as much as I love this treat, I will no doubt take myself for yet another hike through the bush tomorrow. Or perhaps it will be by the river. Yesterday it was the beach for sunset. I love to go to the forest too... Mother Nature is addictive. Just like MAFS!

Australian bush creating an archway
Come for a walk with me on this spiritual adventure

Fallen gum tree log in the Australian bush
One of my 'thinking logs' with a glimpse of the beautiful vistas

Author's hand touching tree bark in connection and respect
A hand shake with respect, and glorious textures!

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1 Comment

Mar 15, 2023

Just like my walks in the St Ives Wildflower Garden!

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