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Commissioned Art

FAQ's for you to read and consider

What exactly is commissioned art (CA)?


CA is when you hire an artist to create an artwork. This artwork is made to your specifications, such as size, format (shape), colour/B&W, style, price, etc. or you may decide to leave it all up to me, which is known as Artist's License! Once everything is agreed upon, and a deposit paid, I then begin your artwork. 

What do I do if I am interested in a commissioned artwork, or want to book?


If you're seriously thinking of commissioning a portrait, it's best to make contact with me to begin communication and rapport. Ask as many questions as you need to in order for you to fully understand what, when and how. Also, the most important part - the price! 

To book a commission, please contact me and attached the photo you have in mind. Once the photo is approved, we can start our discussion on what you're wanting, including: size, colour or black and white, medium, surface, background, time frame, and anything else. 


Can I use my photo? 

Yes and no, but mostly yes. I will ask you to email me the photo you have in mind for the commission. If the photo is of poor quality, (low resolution, unfocused, too far away, angle distortion, poor lighting etc.) I will have to reject the photo. If the photo was taken by a professional photographer, I will need written permission from the photographer as they own the copyright to their photo.


If you happen to live in Adelaide then I can come and meet your beloved animal and take photos myself.

What if I change my mind or hate the final portrait?

I can honestly say this has never happened to me in almost 30 years of being an artist, but never say never! I request a 50% deposit to secure and begin the commission, which is only refundable if I need to cancel, not client cancellation. This is due to the amount of time it takes to create a custom portrait.


I send photos of the portrait along the way via social media or email to ensure you are happy, and for any changes or feedback. I will always work with my clients to ensure you LOVE your final portrait! 

Can you accept commissions from overseas?

Absolutely! I have done commissioned art for clients internationally, as I sell my original art internationally. As everything is digital/online now, the world is my oyster! The only difference will be the shipping cost to send the final portrait to you. 

How do I receive my final portrait?

Once your portrait is complete, the remaining 50% must be paid. Once this is paid, it is ready to be shipped to you (yay!). I will let you know the amount. Once postage is paid for, I will safely and securely package and post your portrait to you. I use Australia Post for all my shipping. If a courier service is preferred, this will need to be arranged and paid for by the client. 

Will the portrait look like my animal?

I have almost 30 years under my easel as a working professional artist - I can assure you your portrait will look like your animal! Not only will the anatomical features be true to life, but I also imbue and capture your animal's soul, personality and spirit within my art. For me, if there is no true essence of the animal I am drawing/painting, then I am not a true artist. Art is not only the visual, but the feeling and emotion that is captured and conveyed via my heart, soul and hands.


Can I share the portrait on my social media?


Yes, you may share your portrait on your social media accounts provided I am credited (such as, "Portrait by Ainslie Gilles-Patel"). I request this as I am the creator of the artwork and retain full copyright of all my art. No prints or reproductions of the portrait is allowed. No commercial use is permitted.  


*Contact me via email/form below or social media


*Email me your photo. Please select a high resolution, good quality photo to be approved. I may also request additional photos


*Pay the 50% deposit to secure and begin the portrait


*Pay final 50% plus shipping cost

*Share your loved portrait on social media with credit to me

I hope this has helped you. Please feel free to email or message me with any questions, and should you decide to commission me - I look forward to creating your portrait!


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